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Wine Pairing

Choose foods and pastries that best compliment the flavor notes of the wine itself.

- Dessalines Merlot best paired with meats, such as pork tenderloin, steak, dry cheeses and fruit jams.

- Toussaint Moscato best paired with spicy cuisine, as well as a variety of pastries, cheeses and nuts.

- Petion Chardonnay best paired with mild cheese, country breads, apple butter and shellfish

  • Bringing Smiles

    Patrice Holding her bottle of Petion Chardonnay at Grace Farms CT.

  • Favorite Wine

    Stephanie smiling with her favorite bottle of wine (Toussaint Moscato) at youth event.

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  • All White Affair

    4 happy customers posted up with a bottle of Dessalines Merlot at La perle Stamford CT all white event, hosted by Revolt 1804.